Our Endowment

A gift to our endowment is never spent. Instead, it goes on to grow in perpetuity. The interest earned goes toward our operating budget to help tuition assistance, teacher salaries, facilities management, and other designated funds. 

We are blessed to have an endowment over $13 million. However, this amount is low in comparison to other local and national high schools, particularly those of St. Agnes Academy's caliber. Our campaign includes a goal of $2 million toward our endowment. We invite you to consider ways of supporting this effort, ensuring our future, in a way that is meaningful to you and your family.

Donors may contribute to existing endowment funds, or found a new fund. A gift of $25,000 may establish a named endowed scholarship. A gift of $500,000 establishes a perpetual scholarship—fulfilling a student's tuition each year. 

Tuition assistance is a pivotal fund at the Academy. We believe learning in a diverse environment is not an education fad—it is an educational imperative. Offering affordable tuition allows us to continue our long-standing commitment to reflect the evolving face of Houston by making an Academy education possible for many students who otherwise would not be able to attend. 

A healthy and robust endowment provides a critical source of financial flexibility and revenue—relieving the operating budget from tuition-dependence.