Jamieson Family Dance Studio

The Jamieson Family Dance Studio will be a multi-functional, rehearsal space for our thriving dance and growing wellness programs, offering much-needed space to serve all departments of the school. Our dance teams have continued to grow and take top awards around the country.

We now offer courses in creative movement, hip hop dance, contemporary dance, advanced dance, and a co-ed class with neighboring Strake Jesuit in tap and theatrical dance. We have two separate dance teams, Tiger Girls and TG Elite—each earning top marks at competitions. These incredible students and faculty have exceeded our expectations time and time again, and it's time we provided them with facilities to match their skills.

  • We plan to construct a multipurpose studio that will be home to the Tiger Girls, but also be used for other rehearsals, special events, and meetings.
  • Class offerings may eventually grow to include ballet and modern dance.
  • Our class offerings paired with our new performance hall would allow better incorporation of dance into our selection of spring musicals. 
Our current dance classroom is suitable for 10 dancers. This space now serves as an office fo two, a costume closet, and home to our dance teams. Dance classes regularly negotiate gym space with our indoor athletic teams before and after school, requiring sacrifices of valuable practice time by both.

With this new studio, our current space will transform into a fulltime health and wellness studio to accommodate our growing wellness program including yoga and Zumba. These two courses, also searching for a dedicated practice venue, will flourish in a this re-purposed space.