Additional Classrooms

You learn so much about someone and grow a bond when you're discussing both sides. I'm going to keep these friends for life.
-St. Agnes Student
The courage to stand up and use your voice, insight to discover another point of view, wisdom to see the merit on either side, scholarship and discipline to learn and decide your true opinion—we empower all Academy women toward these traits. At the Academy, we have more than 900 voices of Veritas. We want to give each of them a space to process their thoughts and hone their beliefs. 

These additional classrooms, and dedicated practice rooms, will serve as a venue for Academy women involved in our communications and health programs. Whether a member of our more than 75-person debate team, preparing for Mock Trial, or focusing on wellness and how to keep their bodies healthy, these young women will have a place to learn, collaborate, and grow. 

Dominicans never shy away from the tough questions. These rooms will be filled with Academy women doing just that.