1906 Society

We know that the St. Agnes of tomorrow will be transformed by gifts made today. Planned gifts, often considered the greatest gift, provide a lasting impact. Appreciated for their generous and far-reaching nature, these gifts enliven St. Agnes Academy's commitment to providing young women with the tools and voices to change our world.

Our 1906 Society recognizes anyone in our community who has made provisions in their estate for our bright future. The most common gifts are bequests in a will or living trust, or designation of St. Agnes as a beneficiary of retirement plan assets or a life insurance policy.

Planned gifts typically go towards our endowment. Donors may specify how they'd like their gift allocated, or if the school should apply to the greatest need. 

It is our hope that as a result of this campaign, each member of the St. Agnes community will consider becoming a member of the 1906 Society and help create a solid for foundation for all who follow.

Pictured above, two members of our 1906 Society, Ann Traynor Palms '57 (left) and Kristen Hanshaw '07 (right).