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List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What positive impact(s) will this project have on students at SAA?

    The beauty of this project is that every student benefits. All will use the auditorium in multiple ways. All will use the Student Commons. With new spaces to gather as a community, our girls may better live out their Dominican pillars. Each facility was designed to be multi-purpose, allowing all students to think of creative ways to use each space. 

    The new venue will also allow for bold advances to our arts curriculum, bringing expanded and improved programs in in-demand areas such as set design, light design, sound design, and summer theater. Our girls will be prepared for the most innovative and creative college theater programs in the country. The plan allows for three dedicated voice studios for our singers.

    The current stage will convert to the Arthur W. Buckley Theatre, a more intimate space with 120 seats. This will provide a different experience for students and audiences and a way to introduce new material. The space will also serve as the theatre classroom.

    The Jamieson Family Dance Studio allows SAA to offer new classes that may include mallet and modern dance, and a more skilled dance program encourages a stronger musical theater program. Most of our dance classes, in addition to yoga and Zumba, allow students to reach their P.E. credit in a way they are excited about.

    Our passionate public speakers will enjoy dedicated classroom space for speech and debate, and practice rooms available for our 75+ speech and debate team, our Mock Trial and Harvard Model Congress students, and more. 
  • Q: How does this project move St. Agnes's mission forward and strengthen our Dominican values?

    To be an Academy woman is something special. For more than 100 years, St. Agnes Academy has been a leader in Catholic college preparatory education by encouraging young women to develop intellectual curiosity, to work for social justice, and to act with integrity and compassion.

    Upholding our Dominican pillars of prayer, study, community, and preaching is a creative challenge for us as we burst at the seams. At St. Agnes, we understand the importance of gathering as one. Whether it’s celebrating Mass together, watching a meaningful Academy tradition like Madonna Day, or cheering on our performers after a great show—we want to offer this experience to all of our community. Together.
  • Q: What problems are you addressing?

    We are solving multiple problems that have been recognized by our students, faculty and staff, parents, and other members of our community.

    Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P. Hall
    Our campus opened with a student body of 400. Our auditorium holds limited capacity to serve current and future needs for Mass, assemblies, and performing arts. Space and code issues present us with limitations on virtually all school-wide gatherings. For example, with a capacity under 1,000, it is a challenge to invite anyone beyond our students, faculty, and staff to Mass and other campus-wide events. 

    Student Commons
    Our girls work together! They are resilient in their search for a place to collaborate and relax. In 2011, St. Agnes students requested a student lounge and social area. Our school is a second home for our students, and we want them to feel as though they have a place here.

    Our current stage will transform into an intimate environment for our actors with the Arthur W. Buckley Theatre, giving theater students a new classroom as well as a smaller venue for performance.

    Jamieson Family Dance Studio
    The current dance studio on the Bellaire campus is suitable for ten dancers. This space now doubles as an office for two, a costume closet, and home to 44 dancers and three sub-teams. With the growth of our dance team, the need for space has become a challenge. Dance classes regularly negotiate gym space with our indoor athletics teams before and after school. This multi-purpose studio will also have the flexibility to provide additional space for large gatherings.
    Additional Classrooms
    We currently have a temporary building on campus because we have exhausted our classroom space, even with imaginative our imaginative scheduling. The plan allows for a new health classroom, a speech and debate classroom, and practice rooms for students involved in public speaking and mock trial.

    With this new initiative, SAA has already completed this step, adding approximately 140 parking spaces. Coordinating student transportation and parking adds undue hardship and frustration to our day-to-day operation. On a landlocked campus, we are pleased parking is no longer a great challenge.


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

Campaign and Construction

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: When did this campaign begin?

    The Student Life Center is the second phase of our “Living Truth. Building Legacy. Leading Tomorrow” campaign which began in 2010. The first phase was development of our East Campus Athletics Complex (ECAC), which was a tremendous, $6 million success.

    During phase one, we knew the next step would be to address our student life challenges on the main campus, and that is exactly what we are doing now. With phase two, the Academy entered its boldest project to date.
  • Q: Who is leading the fundraising effort?

    Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P., Head of School, and Bridget Hennessey '90, Head of Advancement, are working closely with the Steering Committee, campaign volunteers, our Design Team, our Buildings and Grounds Committee, Mary Perrotti, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving, and Allonna Snipes, Advancement Associate, to lead the campaign.

    Steering Committee:
    Molly and Dan Castaneda, Board Chair
    Maureen and John Graf
    Kirby and Susan Greteman, Board Member
    Kelly Hackett '00, Board Member
    Tim and Julie Plessala Samson '80, Foundation Board Member
    John and Ana Maria Gonzalez Wood '82
    Alexis Bledel '99, Honorary Chair

    Campaign Committee:
    Vivian and Cyril Abobo
    Leslie and Arnie Azios
    Jennifer and Don Baldridge
    Mary and Frank Bradley
    Holly and John Brennan
    Phung Ngo-Burns and Steve Burns
    Mimi and Rick Butler
    Matthew and Ruey Farley Garvis '87
    Arnie and Alicia Sanchez Jimenez '88
    Monica and Daniel Ryan

    Design Team:
    Cathy Beathard, Chair
    Arnie Azios
    Tom Brown
    Matt Garvis
    Susan Greteman
    Sister Jane Meyer, O.P.
    Ana Maria Gonzalez Wood '82 
    Leon Howard 
    Dale Grassmann 

    Pete Ed Garrett
    Tom Brown
    Walter McKee
    Brent Miller
    David Morris

    Faculty/Staff Chairs: 
    Mark Albright
    Geri Burkman '78
    Julie Chilton

    Members of our Buildings and Grounds Committee include: 
    Cathy Beathard, Chair 
    Natalye Appel 
    Arnie Azios
    Tom Brown 
    Kelly Hackett '00 
    Greg Hardin
    Steve Harding 
    Daniel Peterson 
    Robert Sanders
    Alice Smith 
    Susan Greteman
    Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P.
    Leon Howard
    Dale Grassmann
  • Q: What activities will take place in the new venues?

    We have worked hard to ensure the buildings are multi-functional. You'll see meetings, classes, Mass, assemblies, rehearsals, performances, tournaments, group work, and fun! 
  • Q: What is the total cost of this project?

    The total cost of the project is $26.5 million. Careful attention has been given to value engineering by our Project Manager, Tom Brown, and the school's Design Team.
  • Q: How will construction impact campus life?

    We anticipate minimal disruptions to campus life during construction. To accomplish this, construction will progress in the following order.
    1. Add parking – (completed summer 2015)
    2. New construction – Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P. Assembly and Performance Hall, Jamieson Family Dance Studio, and additional classrooms are built and opened
    3. Renovation – old auditorium becomes Student Commons
  • Q: What is the timeline for this project?

    Renovation of the existing auditorium and construction of the Student Life Center will be completed in 2018.
  • Q: Can I restrict my gift to a particular portion of the building?

    No. However, naming opportunities are still available to recognize a donor's affinity for a particular area. Click here for a list of naming opportunities.
  • Q: I want to give! What do I do?

    Thank you! Click here to give online today OR to find our Letter of Intent form

    Unsure about how you'd like to plan your gift? Or do you need more information? Contact Advancement Associate, Allonna Snipes at 713.219.5402.
  • Q: Can I make a pledge? Over how many years may I pledge my gift?

    Yes! We'd prefer to limit pledges to three years.
  • Q: Are there naming opportunities available?

    Yes! A limited number of naming opportunities are available to recognize the generosity of donors who support the campaign at designated levels. Click here to see a list of remaining naming opportunities beginning at $150,000. In addition, campaign donors who give $10,000+ will be listed on a donor wall in a highly visible location in the new building.

    Also, click here to see our information on naming a seat in the new Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P. Hall. Seats range from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Q: If I name a seat with my donation, how and when do I choose the name for the plaque?

    If you have selected to name a seat, we will contact you for the naming information closer to the end of construction of Meyer Hall, which is projected to be fall 2018.
  • Q: My class/my friends/my family want to name something together. Is that possible?

    Yes! Community is one of our Dominican pillars! Find a friend or family member, or two, or 10, and get together. A group of donors have already come forward to help name the Arthur W. Buckley Theatre and alumnae classes have made gifts as well.

The Academy Fund

List of 4 frequently asked questions.